Huntsman weapon test

Huntsman took its first trip outside to have its weapon tested. The electronics have not been formally mounted in the robot as this was a test of the motors and weapon drive train. There was some damage to the rear of the chassis at the limit switch while testing the axe return. The power of the return swing will be limited once the robot is complete but not at this stage.

This first test went well and everything is looking good. Not sure where the lizard ended up though.

First test of the weapon.
Second test of the weapon with return swing.
Third test against a brick.

Welding Huntsman Part 2

The front armor has now been welded as well as welding the weapon hub assembly. The weapon and drive axles have been fitted. The axles are M30 bolts which are rated to a shear load of 337kN. This should make finding replacement axles in another country easy as they are off the shelf parts.

Welding Huntsman Part 1

Now that the steel has been cut the welding can begin. The welding is done from the centre out starting with the weapon supports. All the axles and drive are test fitted between welds to ensure that the chassis is not warping. This also gives an opportunity to cut the chain to the correct lengths and measure the spaces for the axles.

Steel has arrived!

The water-jet cut steel has arrived for Huntsman. The steel is a mix of 3mm mild steel sheet and 6mm AR450 plate. The goal is to get the welding done before the holidays finish next week.

To begin with the sprockets have been welded together.

All the parts have also been checked to see if the completed robot will be under the weight limit. So far 98.5kg.

The Pile of Parts on the scales. 98.5kg

Also some new weapons for ant-weights were added to the order.

Brushless motor sensor issues

Testing is underway on Huntsmans Kun Ray 2000w 48V electric scooter brushless motors. The motors are planned to be run off of a 12S LiPol battery via Turnigy SK8 VESC motor controllers but there seems to be and issue with the motors sensors. The available documentation for the motors and ESC don’t seem to match as the ESC will not work in sensored mode but the motor runs fine sensorless.

The endcap of the motor was removed and the wiring inspected and everything looks fine. It is difficult to reverse engineer the the sensor wiring entirely as the sensors are glued firmly between the poles and it isn’t possible to determine the exact part number of the sensor. It doesn’t matter a whole lot as our past experience with brushless motors low speed accuracy isn’t a priority. As long as the motors start under load and reach top speed quickly the sensors are not needed.They would be nice though.

In other news the drive train has been measured and the CAD completed. The steel order has been placed with the water-jet cutters and the steel should arrive soon.

Huntsmans motors and drive arrive

Huntsmans’ motors, drive train chain and sprockets have arrived and the wheels. Now the dimensions of all the parts can be confirmed and the design finalised. Once that is done the design can be sent to the waterjet cutters so the steel can be cut.

The motors are 48V 2000W Brushless scooter motors which will be run via Turnigy SK8 VESC controllers.