Brushless motor sensor issues

Testing is underway on Huntsmans Kun Ray 2000w 48V electric scooter brushless motors. The motors are planned to be run off of a 12S LiPol battery via Turnigy SK8 VESC motor controllers but there seems to be and issue with the motors sensors. The available documentation for the motors and ESC don’t seem to match as the ESC will not work in sensored mode but the motor runs fine sensorless.

The endcap of the motor was removed and the wiring inspected and everything looks fine. It is difficult to reverse engineer the the sensor wiring entirely as the sensors are glued firmly between the poles and it isn’t possible to determine the exact part number of the sensor. It doesn’t matter a whole lot as our past experience with brushless motors low speed accuracy isn’t a priority. As long as the motors start under load and reach top speed quickly the sensors are not needed.They would be nice though.

In other news the drive train has been measured and the CAD completed. The steel order has been placed with the water-jet cutters and the steel should arrive soon.

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