Huntsman’s first test drive

The wheels have been mounted and the motors wired up. The electronics are only temporarily mounted but Huntsman has had its first drive. The set screws on the gears are slipping and there is too much weight over the front but it does work. With new castors under the front and the top and side armour mounted the weight should be more evenly distributed.

Huntsman progress for first week of Feb 19

After the successful weapon test a week ago progress has been made with more machining and welding. The beginning of the school year has slowed things down some what but we are still on schedule.

The second axe has been prepared. This axe is what I like to call the “spikey axe”. It has a more commonly shaped spike head that is designed to pierce opponents top armour. It has extra steel welded to the head of the axe so it weighs almost the same as the Dane axe. The King Of Bots organises have already expressed concern for their arena floor so the spikey axe may not be allowed to be used.

The drive is also being worked on. The drive train will be a 2 stage reduction with the first stage being a spur gear reduction and the second via chains. Due to some delivery concerns we have ordered a couple of different sets of gears from different suppliers so have some choices. The wheel hubs are being welded now so a test drive should be able to happen soon.