Raspberry Pi based RC transmitter.

I have decided to make a Raspberry Pi based RC transmitter that will allow my kids (and me) to control a robot with an Xbox controller. Since I thought that this would have been a regularly done project I should be able to find lots of examples on the internet. Nope, I only found a couple articles about people attempting this. So I have decided to document my attempts to try and make it easier for the next person.

I have written up all my progress on a few pages here so others can learn from my mistakes. This is my first attempt at Python programming having come from a C and assembly background so please don’t judge me too harshly.

Painting Huntsman

After the last testing of Huntsmans weapon a problem was found with the weapon drive train. The 3rd stage axle has bent and will need upgrading. But while waiting for new brass bushings to arrive the top covers have been bent into shape. Now it is time to paint.

After much deliberation we decided to paint Huntsman red with black internals. Black stripes will be added over the top later. All the painting was done a the school where Daniel teaches by one of his fellow teachers who has experience painting cars. First a primer was painted on and then the black internals and red outside with a 2 pack paint. It looks fantastic.