Started work on a new beetle-weight Sidewinder

With the upcoming first ever beetle-weight competition at the Ipswich Robotic Sports Group in a few weeks I have started a new robot. This is a armoured version of the omni-directional test robot that I built last year.

I have started with the gearboxes and wheels. I am not too confident that the gearboxes are strong enough to take any impacts during a fight so have beefed them up by making a 2 piece 3D printed mount that includes 608z skateboard bearings on either side of the wheel. The 3D printed wheel hub has been enalarged and lengthend to fit the 8mm internal diameter of the bearings while the 4mm gearbox shaft couples to the hub inside the bearing.

I want the robot to have 45 degree sloped armour all around so I will also use the outer bearing mounts as mounting points for the armour. Unfortunatly my poor CAD abilities have meant that these mounts have become quite large but we will see how it looks when finished.