Prowler at the 2019 Australian Feather-weight Nationals

Last weekend was the 2019 Australian Feather-Weight Nationals and Daniel decided the enter Prowler. Prowler has been fairly unchanged since last year except for swapping the friction saw blade with an all purpose demolition saw blade. The controls were also divided between Daniel driving the robot and Andrew controling the weapon. This is the first time with both of us controlling the same robot and was hoped to remove some stress from Daniel while trying to drive and operate the weapon at the same time. Oh, and a new paint job.

The competion was held over 2 days with 2 qualifying rounds held the first day. Prowlers first match was against a lifter called Pooper Scooper. Going into the fight we were concerned about Prowler being turned over but Pooper Scooper’s weapon failed early in the fight. The new saw blade worked well on the mild steel and UHMW Polyethelyne top on Pooper Scooper creating several cuts in the top. A nice win to start the weekend.

The second fight was against Bob who is a viscious looking horizontal spinner. The concern here was that the blade whould hit the spikes on the front of prowler and bounce up into the saw arm. Daniel decided to drive aggresivly to prevent Bobs weapon from getting up to speed. During one attempt at sawing into Bob, Prowler drove Bob into the arena wall and Bob bounce up into the saw causing the saws bearings to pop out. After this Bobs weapon also failed and it became a pushing match. Fortunatly Prowler was able to out-wedge Bob and the arm could also clamp Bob to help drive Bob into the walls. During all this driving and attempted clamping Daniel realised that one of Prowlers drives would cut out while the arm was being raised or lowered. Fortunatly Prowler still won the fight.

Upon returning to the pits I refitted the weapon axle and replaced the bearings and checked that the saw was running true. The drive problem while the arm was being moved was determind the be a low voltage cut-out of one of the drive ESCs. To test this the ESCs were swapped with Berserkers ESCs (because Beserker just happened to be in the car) and Prowler worked ok. Prowler would keep Berserkers ESCs for the second day.

The next day the 2 wins had allowed prowler to qualify for the top 16 finals. The first match up was against The Undertaker which is a under-cutter spinner with a 4kg weapon. Fortunately for us the weapon was not working as The Undertaker had burnt out all its weapon motors the day before. This left The Undertaker fighting as a wedge with extra AR450 plates added to its top for extra armour. While Prowler could not cut into the heavily armoured top of The Undertaker we still won by judge’s decision. Now in the top 8.

Unfortunately the 4th fight was against Abomination, an extremely powerful and well built vertical spinner. Daniels idea was not to box rush but to move to the centre of the arena and hope that Abomination would not want to attack Prowler head on but try to circle around us. Being such a powerfull vertical spinner Abomination would have trouble turning to maneuver around Prowler and Prowler could attack the side of Abomination while it was struggling to turn. Despite Daniels over thinking, Abominations builder Michael just drove head first into Prowler and out wedged us. Prowler was thrown onto its back but self righted quickly. Abomination continued to attack and hit the side of Prowler immediately and the shock caused the liner actuators cast aluminium gearbox to shatter and the saw dropped to the floor. Daniel continued to attack and Prowler was thrown into the air a couple of times before landing on its front with the 2 spikes and the saw touching the ground. With the linear actuator broken Prowler couldn’t right itself and was counted out.

So Prowler went 3 – 1 and ended in the top 8 which is pretty good. Abomination went on to win the competition with straight KOs so we lost to the best. No major problems to try and fix between fights and if we had a spare linear actuator Prowler could have been ready to go again in a few minutes. Quite a successful weekend.