New DJI Spark in the mail

I am finally going to replace my old quadcopter with a real camera drone. After many months of coveting DJI’s products I am getting a Spark. Kogan have factory refurbished DJI Spark Fly More combos on sale for $599 and for a limited they have also included a free battery.
But the painful thing is that Kogan don’t seem to have a stock of the refurbished Sparks so it has taken a week and a half to ship. I knew of the delay before ordering and thought it was worth the $260 savings compared to buying a brand new Spark and getting it immediately. The bonus battery on the the other hand arrived after only one week by itself.
So now I am refreshing the order confirmation page hourly waiting for shipping updates while staring at my new battery. I have downloaded and read the user manual twice, watched any tutorial videos and how-to guides I could find. My YouTube search history is full of DJI Spark.
On Monday the status changed from “paid” to “Processing in the warehouse”! The battery took 5 working days to reach me so I might have the Spark Friday! Right in time for the weekend. I great way to start the week, with the promise of a new toy for Friday. No mater how bad things are at work I could always think of what was coming at the end of the week.
But it is not until late Tuesday afternoon that Australia Post received the shipping information. OK, so Aus Post will pick it up Wednesday, transport Thursday and I will get it Friday? Right?
Well my heart has been ripped out as Wednesday did not provide any further updates from Australia Post so now it doesn’t look like I will get my Spark until after the weekend. But I set the delivery address to be my wife’s business but she will be closed Monday. So if I don’t get my delivery Friday then I can’t get it until Tuesday. So I logged into the Aus Post app and changed the delivery address to a parcel locker to try and guarantee that I will receive it as soon as possible.
It is now Thursday night and Australia Post is still not showing that they have possession of the package. So does that mean my Spark is still in the Kogan warehouse dispatch waiting to be picked up?
But for now I am searching YouTube again.

Update 7/7/18
Australia Post tracking shows that the Spark is being processed at Underwood on Friday Morning. So we are looking at a Monday delivery.

Update Monday 9/7/18
7:30 Australia Post report that the Spark is now at Narangba. I have requested pick-up from the Brendale sorting centre. It has now gone past Brendale and on to Narangba. Will it turn around and come back to Brendale today?

Update Tuesday 10/7/18
8:00am I just received a notification that I have a package coming today!
5:00pm Spark has arrived!

Spark has arrived.

Batteries are charging now.