Built by: Daniel Kerrison

First Fight: April 2014

Last Fight:

Class: Feather-Weight Sportsman

Weight: 13.0kg

Weapon: Thwack-bot, Saw

Drive: 2 wheel drive via NTM Prop Drive 48-32 brushless motors. 27:1 gear reduction. Trackstar 80A brushless car controllers.

Built by Daniel to compete in the Sportsman class and to be reliable. Berserker is an overhead twack-bot and has had multiple weapon attachments.

To compete in the Sportsman Class competitions the robot needed an active weapon so a vertical saw was added instead of the sword.

It has been rebuilt to have an end mounted saw for the Battle of Southbank as part of ICRA 2018.

Made from laser cut 3mm mild steel plate. The drive is 2 NTM Prop Drive brushless motors with a 3rd NTM motor for the saw.


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