Devastator with new steel hinge. 28/12/2006


Built by: Philip Taylor (Marauder), Andrew Kerrison

First fight: December 2006

Last fight: Robogames 2007

Weight: 13.5kg

Weapon: Full pressure CO2 flipper.

Drive: Bane Bots 25:1 planetary gearboxes with RS-550 motors. IFI Victor 883 speed controllers. CMS gyro.

After the success of Hellcat I wanted to move onto an unregulated CO2 system. Coincidentally Philip Taylor was looking to sell his robot Marauder. I purchased Marauder’s chassis and pneumatic system minus the electronics and drive.

I planned to take Devastator to the USA to compete in Robogames 2007 so I needed to change the manual valves and add a guage to comply with the Robogames rules. I added Bane Bots gear motors for drive as well as Bane Bots motor controllers but killed one quickly with a wiring glitch.

During Devastators first competition in Melbourne December 2006 I found the motor mounts would break due to the force on the flipper and had issues with the flipper hinge bending.

To prepare for a trip to India to compete at IIT Bombays TechFest I replaced the motor mounts with more solid aluminium mounts that also increased the ground clearance. The flipper hinge was cut off the robot and replaced with a steel hinge. At India Devastator repeatedly threw robots into the arena ceiling.

Not many changes were made before Robogames. Devastator won its first fight at Robogames but got totally bent out of shape against TerraByte in its second fight and was unable to be repaired.

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