Hellbringer X

Hellbringer X with poly-carbonate wedge

Hellbringer X

Built by: Andrew Kerrison

First Fight: 2006

Weight Class: Feather-Weight

Weight: 13.5kg

Weapon: Wedge

Drive: SD2 SSR gearboxes with HTI motors. 24V NiMh Battle Pack. IFI Victor 883 motor controllers.

Hellbringer X was intended to be a powerful wedge and nothing special. The gearmotors are intended for a Light-Weight robot and could out run and out push anything it came up against. The frame was made from steel tube with poly-carbonate covers.

The problem was the HTI motors did not last long running on 24V and soon I was unable to source replacements. The gearboxes where later substituted with cordless drill gearboxes to allow Hellbringer to use RS-550 motors but never had the same push.

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