Completed Huntsman ready for shipping. 1/4/2012


Built By: Daniel Kerrison

Fought: Robogames 2012

Win – Loss: 1 – 2

Weight class: Heavyweight

Weight: 80.6kg

Weapon: Electric Axe. 2x Oatley electronics 36V 500W motors with 15:1 reduction. Roboteq ESC. 37V

Drive: Two wheel drive. Oatley Electronics 36V 500W motors. 80:11 reduction. Victor IFI controllers. 22V.

Armour: 10mm thick Hardox plate.

Built to enter the Heavyweight division of Robogames 2017 Huntsman is a scaled up version of Avenger. It was built on the smallest possible budget and while it had issues driving due to weight distribution it performed well.

Unfortunately due to budget constraints Huntsman was unable to be shipped back to Australia and was sold at the event.

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