Moist Pony’s Revenge

Moist Pony’s Revenge

Built By: Daniel Kerrison

First Fight: 20/05/18

Last Fight: 20/05/18

Class: Feather-Weight Sportsman

Weight: 4.5kg

Weapon: Horizontal saw

Drive: 2 wheel drive via NTM Prop Drive 48-32 brushless motors. 27:1 gear reduction. Trackstar 80A brushless car controllers.

Armour: Plastic


Built for the Battle of Southbank as part of ICRA 2018 to get votes for crowd favorite prize. Inspired by Moist Pony built by William Osman as part of a promotional YouTube video for Battlebots 2018.

The robot consists of a laser cut plywood sub frame under a child’s ride on toy car. The rear wheels are driven by NTM Prop Drive brushless motors with custom gearing. The weapon is another NTM motor driving a horizontal saw via a belt at the front.

The RC car brushless motor controllers and receiver are mounted in the centre of the sub frame and the car bolted on top. The 3s LiPo is mounted in the storage area under the seat. A stuffed unicorn and pin-wheels complete the robot.

It did not do well.

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