Spinderella with the weapon disc but no teeth. 9/6/2010


Built by: Andrew Kerrison

Weight class: Ant-weight

Weight: 150g

Weapon: Shell Spinner. Turnigy 2204 14T outrunner brushless motor.

Drive: 2 wheel drive. Modified 4.3 gram HobbyKing servos.

Spinderella was Andrews’ first Ant-weight. Spinderella is a shell spinner made from carbon fibre. The chassis is a 80mm diameter 1mm carbon fibre disc with the drive motors, battery and receiver underneith. The weapon motor and controller are mounted above the chassis. A second carbon fibre disc acted as a bottom cover while the weapon itself was the top. The chassis was surrounded by wire mesh to keep the internals out of the weapon.

The weapon was a 100mm disc of carbon fibre with two 3mm thick steel teeth coming do to ground level. The weapon weighed 60g and ran at 8000rpm. When the weapon made a solid hit both robots would be torn apart.

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