Battlebots 2020 Episode 1 review Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee vs Sharkoprion

Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, like Huge, is another example of a successful hobby weight class robot being scaled up to a heavyweight. I think for featherweights and lower as being a hobby robot while heavier robots as being being more professional due to the cost and labour involved in building them. But due to several density differences in the componants designs that work well in the hobby classes may not work so well in the prefensional classes. By density I mean things like the weight of a motor suitable for an antweight as a percentage of the robots total weight might be smaller percentage of the weight in a heavyweight. Likewise a battery that can handle the current draw of the antweight motor is easier and cheaper to buy than a battery for a heavyweight as the heavyweight motor can draw an exponentially larger amount of current. And not only do the electronics need to be larger and heavier for the current draw but also the wire and connectors. 0.5g of wire in an antweight getting jostled by an impact is different than 5kg of wire in a heavyweight. Fasteners like screws and bolts are proportionally larger in an antweight where a large 3mm bolt holding in a motor in an antweight would be at least 30mm in a heavyweight if scaled up directly and be deemed too heavy.

Basically parts of the robot that most people don’t consider behave completely differently when the size of the robot is scaled up to a larger weight class. The forces involved in an antweight are completely different relative to a heavyweight. A ridiculously wide antweight does not require much torque to turn on the spot but a 3m wide 100kg robot takes a lot of effort to turn. This isn’t even taking into account to speed that the wheels will need to turn to get the robot to turn at a reasonable rate. If Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is 3m access then the wheels would need to run at 17km/h for Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to make a complete turn in one second, and 1 second to turn around is not great.

So Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is a comically wide wedge and it works well as a beetleweight. It is basically two smaller robots attached to each end of a long piece of steel that acts as a wedge. While this works well for a 1.3kg robot I am not sure that a 3m wide 100kg robot will be able to turn. The massive increase in the moment of inertia to turn the robot may be too much and Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee will just not be able to turn. Sharkoprion on the other hand is well known to be a quick and manoeuvrable robot. I know the idea of Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is that it is so wide that other robots can’t get around it but we’ll see if it can turn fast enough to make that idea worthwhile.

When the fight starts Sharkoprion does not try to out manoeuvre Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee despite Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee demonstrating that it has trouble turning but instead attacks the centre of Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees wedge. Edward Robinson backs Sharkoprion off and then attacks the wedge of Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a couple more times before trying to get around to the rear of Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. However Sharkoprion seems to have its right drive fail after driving over one of Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees weapons. The wheel doesn’t look damaged and the drive chain is still in place so I am not sure what happened.

Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee continues to try an push Sharkoprion around but does not seem to have any power. Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee either struggles to turn or when it does get in a position to push the spring loaded wedge prevents it from doing so. The fight continues for 3 the full 3 minutes with Sharkoprion spining to hit Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with its tail or tries to bite the wedge and Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee trying unsuccessfully to wrap around Sharkoprion. The fight ends up going to Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee by a judges decision due to the lose of Sharkoprions drive being counted as damaged by Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Interesting to note how much the damage counted in this match over control.